Febrero, 2015

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What is js.bit?

This project is directed towards the quest to solve the problem that some designers are currently facing, consisting in little or no understanding of the processes needed for writting a program. This fact is causing them conflict between programming and their profession, which now requires greater skills in this regard. Designers are having problems understanding the processes needed to program, so it is very difficult for them to write code. I chose to work with this issue after applying a series of surveys and interviews to designers, which also served to determine the programming language with which to work: javascript.

js.bit is a system consisting of a set of 28 physical blocks that represents syntactic parts of JavaScript and an iPad application. Each block represents a part of a computer program, for example, a variable. When these blocks are connected to the main block or to each other, a program is created. The code of the program can be seen and analyzed in real time, the code can also be executed outputing physical actions such as lighting an LED or moving a motor. The system recognizes the block array and outputs in a display the information about the blocks.

js.bit was tested with the targeted designers, and it showed that they were able to improve their understanding of the concepts shown during the test. They were also motivated to keep on studying and it gave them more confident. js.bit was tested with designers, keeping in mind designers needs, but really it can be used by everyone.

How to use it?

To use, the blocks must be placed and connected on to the display of an iPad. The iPad application interface is divided into two spaces: block space and source code space. A block appears in the block space, and the source code corresponding to that block appears on the source code space of the application. A line that is colored depending on the type of block is drawn from the block to the corresponding line in the source code indicating the correct grammar and how the block should act if it was real JavaScript.