Chibiden camera is an interactive instalation for which panels that generate electricity when the user jumps on then were created. When the ammount of the generated energy is above a the decided ammount, a camera that is installed around the user take a picture. The picture gets projected in to a display that is in front of the panels.

Depending on the panel that generated the electricity, effects are applied to the photography or values like the ammount of pictures or the number of effects are decided. The user doesn't know the exact timing in which the picture gets taken so they can have fun looking at the different expressions that generate while generating electricity.

This project won the Asekaku Media Prize and was exhibited at Asekaku Media 2014 in Aichi Children's Center at Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

Tomita Hiroki,
Born in Saitama, Japan,
Insititute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences.

José María Campaña Rojas,
Born in Mexico City,
Insitute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences.

September, 2014