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Chibiden camera

Aichi Childrens Center,
The Miyagi Art Museum
Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.
Ogaki, Gifu, Japan.
Nagakute, Aichi, Japan
Chibiden Camera

Interactive installation in which the user generates energy to take pictures. The viewer jumps on panels that can generate electricity. When enough energy is created, a picture is taken from a camera. These images are projected in front of the viewers.

Several effects can be applied to the photography, depending on the panel that has generated the electricity. Several values can be selected, such as the quantity of photographs or the number of effects. The user doesn't know when the picture is taken so they have fun watching the expressions that are captured.

This work won the prize Asekaku Media 2014 and was presented at the Asekaku Media 2014 exhibition at the Aichi Childrens Center in Aichi, Japan and in the Miyagi Art Museum in Sendai, Japan.




  • chibiden camera
  • chibiden camera
  • chibiden camera
  • chibiden camera

Created by:

Tomita Hiroki (Japan)
José María Campaña Rojas (Mexico)