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Liceo Michoacano

Liceo Michoacano A.C.
Morelia, Mexico
Liceo Michoacano

Redesign of the graphic identity of the Liceo Michoacano High School, in Morelia, Mexico. The project consisted in refreshing the graphic identity to make it more attractive and at the same time, make it react to the new necessities and challenges that where proposed. At the same time, a new website was created. It acts as an informative portal for the school and third parties.

At the same time, a new logo was created, a new color combination and graphic guidelines to follow in the future. Also, a triptych/invitation was created, as well as a magazine and different graphical medium to publicize information.

Also, a digital and physical medium campaign was planned and executed in several places of the city of Morelia.

The website publishes articles on several topics as well as works from the workshops at Liceo Michoacano. Through the use of Moodle, a new modality was created: Virtual Classroom.